10 Effective Ways To Remove Acne Scars & Pimple Marks

For many acne sufferers, the possibility of living free of imperfections can easily lead to a first aid kit filled with chemical creams and oral medications. While these treatments can offer immediate and powerful results, they also tend to have a long list of side effects.

For those who want a safe alternative to get rid of the scars left by pimples and acne, try some of these ingenious natural solutions.


Fresh aloe vera gel is a potent source of vitamins that can help heal the skin and reduce scars. Aloe is soft, so you will not have to worry about damaging or irritating the skin anymore. Also, because aloe is such a wonderful natural moisturizer, it will make your skin look and feel smoother and healthier.

While aloe vera gel can be found at any pharmacy, pharmacy or online, fresh organic aloe is best. Potted aloe plants are easy to find and require almost no maintenance to grow even without the use of chemical fertilizers or pesticides.

If you choose to use fresh aloe vera to fight your acne scars, just separate a small leaf from a leaf, detach the outer flesh to expose the gel and gently massage your skin. For best results, allow the gel to be absorbed for at least thirty minutes before washing it.


Baking soda is a common element in the home with literally hundreds of uses, including the ability to help heal. Baking soda is made up of sodium bicarbonate crystals that gently exfoliate the skin when used as a cleansing exfoliator. Simply mix a few teaspoons of baking soda with enough water to make a thick paste and then massage the skin where there are scars.

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Once applied, you should leave the mixture on for a minute or two. This will allow the soda to clean the pores and help prevent other imperfections. After a couple of minutes, wash your face with warm water and apply a good natural moisturizer such as rosehip seeds, jojoba, coconut or olive oil.

Do this once every two days for excellent results!


Coconut oil is at the top of the list when it comes to natural moisturizers with healing properties. Take about a quarter of a teaspoon of virgin organic coconut oil (this is the best available brand to buy) in the palm of your hand and let it melt as body temperature rises. With the tips of your fingers, massage the oil directly on the skin with scars and let it soak.

It is not necessary to wash the coconut oil since the vitamins and essential fatty acids will continue to work and improve the health of the skin while using it. However, if the oil is too heavy for your comfort, leave it on for at least thirty minutes before removing it with a completely natural cleanser.


Cucumbers are a popular ingredient in facials for a good reason. This vegetable is not only super moisturizing, the cucumber also contains vitamin A, vitamin C and magnesium, all of which are excellent for your skin. To use this treatment to heal acne, simply take an organic cucumber from your local market, cut some thin slices and place them on your skin with scars. After about thirty minutes, discard the cucumber slices and rinse your face with cold water. Repeat daily as desired.


Another natural moisturizer that can help heal scars is honey. It is best to use raw honey, not the processed type found on the shelves of most supermarket chains. To get the best quality, try the local farmers market or this is a good option available on Amazon. Once you have obtained the good, simply apply a small amount of honey on your scars and let this wonder of nature do its magic.

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You can also mix about a teaspoon of ground cinnamon for every two tablespoons of honey to increase the cleaning power of the pores. Use this treatment as often and as long as you want.


Lemon juice is a natural alpha-hydroxy acid (AHA) that can be used to attenuate scars, promote healing and revitalize the skin. Simply squeeze the juice of an organic lemon in a small bowl. You can use this treatment undiluted or mixed with water if you have sensitive skin.

Dab juice on the scars with a cotton ball and let it dry completely. Then rinse your face with cold water and follow with a natural moisturizer. Repeat this treatment once every two or three days.

Remember that lemon juice will make the skin more sensitive to UV radiation, so it is best to avoid direct sunlight for a while after using this treatment.


The potato rich in vitamins and minerals is another vegetable that is ideal for the health and healing of the skin. Use the juice of a fresh organic potato to reduce acne and grain scars by cutting thin slices and applying them directly to the affected areas. Alternatively, you can cut thicker slices and apply the juice by massaging them over the scars. For best results, leave the potato juice on the skin for at least fifteen minutes before rinsing with warm water. You can do this up to once a day.


Rosehip seed oil is unique in its class when it comes to promoting a naturally healthy skin. To obtain maximum health benefits, be sure to use cold-pressed organic oil. Apply this light and non-greasy treatment once or twice a day to reap the benefits of its essential fatty acids and its high concentration of trans-retinoic acid, a natural form of vitamin A found in rosehip seeds.

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For a more therapeutic way to heal acne, get a homemade sugar scrub. Sugarcane contains glycolic acid, another alpha hydroxy acid that removes dead skin and promotes cell regeneration. Simply mix raw organic cane sugar with virgin olive oil in a ratio of two to one and then add several drops of organic lemon juice until your exfoliant is manageable, but not too liquid.

Apply a sugar scrub to the scars about once every two or three days. Let act for about fifteen minutes and remember to continue with a good natural moisturizer.


Probably, the easiest way to use vitamin E to heal scars is to simply pierce the end of a gel capsule and squeeze the contents into the fingertip. Apply the oil directly on the skin with scars or mix in your daily moisturizer to help heal pimples and pimples quicker.

10 Effective Ways To Remove Acne Scars & Pimple Marks....

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