People pay attention on the general appearance of our skin. This is the reason we should pay attention on the general well-being of our skin. There are numerous skincare products out there you can check out.

However, today we are focusing our attention on drinks that will help us attain both a healthy and glowing skin within a short period. Let us check out some of these drinks.

10 Best Drinks to have for Healthy and Glowing Skin:

Almond Milk

Almond milk has for numerous years been used as a skin care food. It is rich in numerous nutrients needed for glowing and healthy skin. There are different ways almond can be used for the benefit of our skin. It can be eaten, drunk or applied directly on the skin. It all depends on the method you are comfortable using. 

Almond milk is rich in vitamin E, magnesium, Zinc, proteins, Vitamin B-6, Vitamin C and calcium, among others. All these nutrients positively influence our skin attaining a healthy skin. Long term consumption of almond milk guarantees you a healthy and glowing skin. First, it repairs any damaged skin by facilitating the growth of new skin cells. Almond milk also acts as a facial moisturizer. This will keep you hydrated throughout the day.

Beetroot Juice

Beetroot juice is another drink worth taking if you really desire a both a glowing and healthy skin. This juice has for years been used to help both men and women attain a glowing skin. Beetroot juice is considered a power pack because it contains very essential nutrients, needed by the skin.

This ranges from Vitamin C, potassium, manganese, iron, zinc and folic acid. All these essential nutrients help in cleansing the blood. This is by transporting waste to different excretory organs in the body.

As a result, you are assured of a glowing skin after continuous use of this healthy drink. Vitamin C found in beetroot juice helps in the fight against different skin problems and conditions. These conditions range from wrinkles, acne, uneven skin tone and pigmentation, among others.

Green Tea

Have you ever heard about green tea and its numerous health benefits it presents to us? If not, green tea can give you a glowing and toned skin within a few weeks. 

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Green tea is different from normal tea because it contains numerous antioxidants. Consequently, some green tea brands include high amount of fibre. This will keep you full and energized throughout the day. Therefore, your body will easily get rid of toxic materials. Automatically, you will enhance the general outlook of your skin.

That’s not all; antioxidants polyphenols and cathechins ensure harmful UV lights don’t reach your skin. Other antioxidants found in green tea prevent inflammation and skin damage. When damage occurs, these antioxidants enhance generation of new skin cells to replace the damaged ones. There is no doubt green tea can give you healthy skin.

Kale Juice

Kale isn’t new to people familiar with meals. This is one of the most consumed vegetables across the globe. Kale juice can change your entire skin within a few weeks. As we all know, kale is rich in Vitamin A. Our skin needs vitamin A to get rid of different skin conditions such as wrinkles, skin cracking or dry skin, among others. This is the reason vitamin A is found in anti-aging creams.

Vitamin A promotes growth of new skin cell when a cell gets damaged or worn out to be replaced. Vitamin C is also found in Kale juice. This nutrient facilitates healing of any damage skin and keeping the skin strong. People attain different results. Some people get instant results, whereas others take some time for results to be visible. Try your best and consume kale juice at least thrice a week or more.

Aloe Vera Juice

It’s no surprise Aloe Vera juice makes it to this list. Aloe Vera is a very popular ingredient when it comes to skin care. This is the reason a lot of skincare products contain Aloe Vera. Today, we are focusing solely on Aloe Vera juice. Aloe Vera juice can perform wonders on your skin, apart from improving your general well-being.

There are two ways you can acquire your Aloe Vera juice. It can be by either draining it from a plant or purchasing ready made juice. Additionally, there are two ways you can partake this magical juice. You can either drink it or apply it directly on your skin. This special drink contains Vitamins and minerals. These nutrients are responsible for helping you attain both healthy and glowing skin. Lastly, hormone gibberellins helps repair damage skin.


Amla Juice

Alma juice is commonly referred to as the Indian gooseberry. It is renowned for its combination of nutrients and other vital elements. People prefer consuming it when in juice form because it taste can be enhanced. Amla juice has for years been used in giving people both a healthy and glowing skin. There are numerous ways Amla juice manages to give people a youthful skin.

This Indian gooseberry is rich in Vitamin C. Vitamin C protects the skin from free radical. This automatically slows down the aging process by getting rid of wrinkles, dark spots and fine lines, among others. Secondly, Amla juice helps get rid of stubborn pimples and acne marks. Simply apply your juice on the affected regions. Leave it for roughly fifteen minutes before washing it off.

Detox Tea

As the name suggests, this tea has been customized to facilitate the detoxification process in the body. There are numerous brands in the market to choose from. Choose brands that are commonly known and have numerous positive reviews. Detox tea contains numerous detoxifying properties and other antioxidants.

These detoxifying properties will cleanse your colon and get rid of any toxic material that might affect your general well being. It also boosts digestion, making it easy for the body and the skin to attain different nutrients. Poor digestion and accumulation of toxic materials in the body can damage the outlook of your skin. Taking detox tea on a regular basis can improve the health and the general outlook of your skin. Try your best to consume this tea at least three times a week.

Cucumber Juice

Skin experts always advice you to apply cucumber on your face and skin at large before washing it off. This is because cucumber can transform the general outlook of your skin. Cucumber juiceis also very powerful. In fact, it can give you a glowing and good looking skin with a few weeks after commencing use. First, cucumber juice can moisturize your skin. This keeps you hydrated throughout the day.

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As a result, your skin will glow and become more elastic. Cucumber juice is also rich in caffeic acid and ascorbic acid doesn’t allow water retention on the skin because it makes your skin look puffy and somewhat swollen. Develop a habit of blending your own cucumber juice. Fresh cucumber juice is likely to bring out results within a short period.

Red Wine

Red wine is one of the commonly consumed alcoholic drinks across the globe. However, a large fraction of innocent drinkers don’t know the benefits this drink poses on their skin. A glass of red wine every day or at least thrice a week will do the magic. Antioxidants found in red wine help fight skin aging. It manages this function by enhancing restoring elastic properties on your skin and your collagen.

It also eliminates wrinkles. Secondly, red wine improves the quality of your sleep. This sweet alcoholic drink contains melatonin, which controls our sleep pattern and cycle. That’s not all; three glasses a week of this alcoholic drink can make your skin glow once again, despite your surrounding environment. Lastly, red wine contains antioxidants which will help fight acne. This guarantees you a healthy skin.


As we all know, water is life. You cannot attain healthy and glowing skin if your body doesn’t have enough water. Taking enough water makes your skin look fresh and healthy.

In addition to these, it enhances the elasticity of your skin. Doctors and medical experts at large encourage us to take at least eight glasses of water every day. Water also helps transport different nutrients to different parts of the skin.

Don’t spend a huge amount of money on skin products. Just consider any of the above drinks to attain a healthy and glowing skin.

10 Best Drinks to have for Healthy and Glowing Skin....

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