Heart disease in young adults is a big problem these days. Here you can read everything about the warning signs that may tell you that your heart is functioning improperly.


1.Having aching in the area of your chest and shoulder

One of the signs for a heart attack is having chest pain, located on the left side near the heart. You can feel this pain because some of the heart muscle cells are dying.

This issue can also be a lot painful and make you feel pain even in the torso and the area of your shoulder. This is called angina which means that the blood flow to your heart is interrupted and not proper.

The sharp pain in the shoulder is not a sign for this problem, the pain should be gradual.

2.Problems with your sleep and snoring

The cardiovascular problems have been connected with sleep apnea and insomnia as well.

If you are having apnea then you may be gasping for air which brings a lot of stress for the heart. There is also a case known as obstructive sleep apnea which is connected with obesity because the weight of the upper chest and neck is blocking the air flow.

3.Improper heartbeat

This is known as arrhythmias, which indicates that the heat is not pumping the necessary blood on the normal rhythm. You can be really healthy and still have this condition. However, the main reasons for this situation are coronary artery disease and having high blood pressure.

4.Swollen legs and feet

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If you are having swelling in your legs than that is a sigh for heat issues.  This is usually happening because the blood flow is not proper and this is dangerous because it may result in blood clogging.

5.Fatigue and short breath

Usually, this will happen due to some kind of physical activity, but it will start to happen while you sleep as well. Another sign is feeling tired after you wake up.

6.Having a cough for a long time

The cough is usually a sign for other problem like a flue, cols or bronchitis however if the cough is persistent then that may mean that there is a fluid in your lungs leading to heart failure.

7.Having cold sweats

The sweating is a very normal condition for the body to cool down. However, it may also indicate a problem, especially if there are cold sweats without having any activity. This may happen as an attempt to cool the inflammation around the heart.

If you notice some of these signs it is essential to consult with your doctor right away.

Signs of a heart disease everyone should know...

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